January 09, 2005

Ring Bling: the superb Observer Sports monthly on the rise of bling in boxing: Ali came back from exile to fight Jerry Quarry in 1970. It seemed like the entire black elite of America was there and also a large number of underworld thugs. The gold was dripping off them. You couldn't miss it.'

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Jewelry is like the expensive wedding scam, but you can keep suckering people over and over again for life. I'm not surprised that guys who take blows to the head for a living fall for it. Regarding Don King's "assorted diamond-studded crucifixes," nothing honors the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus better than ostentatious displays of wealth. That piece was worth reading for this quote by Lennox Lewis:

As for Mike Tyson, well, I'm not a psychiatrist, but I have to think that, as a child, Mike never had toys to play with and now he's trying to fill that void. With Mike, it's all for the moment: I want this one and that one. But whatever he buys, as soon as he has it, he stops caring about it and it's gone.

posted by rcade at 09:13 AM on January 09, 2005

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