November 12, 2004

Frost protege take a run at Mike Danton's younger brother: This keeps getting weirder. During an OHL game between Kitchener and Oshawa, Adam Keefe "a Frost kid" jumped Tom Jefferson (Danton's estranged brother) and "pounded him." According to Oshawa's manager: "Was it premeditated? I can tell you that absolutely it was."

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Sorry if this incident has already been covered. I just heard it on the radio and it was too bizarre to pass up. I mean, WTF?

posted by molafson at 05:36 PM on November 12

Bizzare. This Frost guy needs to be investigated by the RCMP. Right now I'm guessing he's somewhere between cult leader and pederast. Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun has be calling Frost a manipulative bastard for a while and no other agent or agency will have anything to do with him. However, it is Simmons and the Toronto Sun making the claim - so grain of salt.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:29 PM on November 13

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