October 22, 2004

1967: "Forced to settle for 13 regular-season victories for the surprising Cardinals, who raced to a 10 1/2-game victory margin in the National League race, Gibson was ready to shoulder the load in the World Series against an even more upstart aggregation: The Boston Red Sox."

posted by Joey Michaels to baseball at 04:51 AM - 19 comments

Since we'll be hearing a ton about the it from our announcers on Saturday, why not memorize the stats and impress your friends with your intimate knowledge of the '67 series?

posted by Joey Michaels at 04:55 AM on October 22, 2004

More wishing it was a replay of the '68 Series, with the same result. Oh why have my Tigers forsaken me! The big question is with Jeter and the Yanks out will Buck and McCarver actually call a decent series? Given both of their ties to the Cards and even the '67 Series (Jack Buck called it and McCarver played in it) Magic 8-Ball says: Outlook not so good.

posted by pivo at 06:18 AM on October 22, 2004

I, for one, will be counting Yankee references.

posted by YukonGold at 07:21 AM on October 22, 2004

Could it be any worse than how the other crew called the Cards/Astros games? If I heard them say Clemens was "47 years young" one more time I was going to vomit. And what was with all those loving shots of Beltran hitting home runs without giving Pujols equal time?

posted by mannocchio at 07:33 AM on October 22, 2004

Mike Shannon does the Cards radio broadcast and he's always worth a listen. Tune in KMOX or the mlb feed if you can pick it up. I'm hoping mlb's gameday audio isn't lagging the tv broadcast too much - I have no intentions of listening to McCarver et al.

posted by mbd1 at 08:15 AM on October 22, 2004

I, for one, will be counting Yankee references. I'll bet the FOX trucks and crew show up Saturday at Yankee Stadium. Kind of a Phantom Pain, if you will. And if I hear the f**king word "Curse" one more time. Guys (media), it's a silly, stupid superstition. Say it enough and it will become a fact in some idiots heads. It doesn't "live", it wasn't "reversed", one baseball team beat another. Let it go.

posted by DirkDiggler at 08:38 AM on October 22, 2004

Don't forget 1946!"

posted by trox at 08:45 AM on October 22, 2004

mbd1, the gameday audio is lagging. When the Dodgers were playing the Cards, I had the tv volume down so I could listen to Vin and Ross Porter. I forget how long of a delay it was, but it was significant. Still worthwhile though if you want to hear Shannon.

posted by jasonspaceman at 10:36 AM on October 22, 2004

Hey arent Buck and McCarver professionals????

posted by daddisamm at 11:16 AM on October 22, 2004

I think trox has it. I'm fully expecting to hear about Enos Country Slaughter and Johnny Pesky's supposed double-clutch, etc.

posted by yerfatma at 12:11 PM on October 22, 2004

Don't forget 1946! I was talking to my grandfather (born in Hyde Park in 1917) about '68 last night and he said the exact same thing. He is giddy right now. I asked him how he would feel about us losing the World Series. He said, "bad, but not as bad as if we'd lost to the Yankees again."

posted by Joey Michaels at 01:17 PM on October 22, 2004

Could it be any worse than how the other crew called the Cards/Astros games? Actually I like Thom Brennaman. He does seem to have a thing for the old pitchers, but he calls a pretty even game. Perhaps he is truly amazed that a 47-year old can perform at that level still (it is pretty remarkable). He was getting flack here in Phoenix from the front office for not being homer enough in calling D-Backs games. Brennaman deigned to point out that a team of AA kids couldn't compete in the Bigs. I would imagine the Beltran highlight overload (I didn't see much of the NLCS on TV due to times and channel locations, and when I did it was in a bar with sound low) was Fox overtly hoping for the Clemens/Red Sox drama. Who was with Thom in the NLCS? Brenly and Lyons?

posted by pivo at 01:28 PM on October 22, 2004

For the record, Clemens turned 42 in August. And Brennaman brings nothing more to the table than a radio voice.

posted by yerfatma at 01:51 PM on October 22, 2004

Am I the only one that loves to hear Joe Morgan and Boomer call a game? So refreshing to hear a game from a crew that expects you to know more than the blindingly obvious about baseball. And McGarver even gets that wrong. When (forget which LCS game) the leadoff hitter walked on 4 pitches, he said "That's the same as a home run". Meaning, well, who the f knows.

posted by DirkDiggler at 04:02 PM on October 22, 2004

Joe Morgan? Even he doesn't know more than the blindingly obvious about baseball, and sometimes I wonder if he even has a grasp of that.

posted by Jugwine at 04:10 PM on October 22, 2004

See? Guess I'm the only one.

posted by DirkDiggler at 04:52 PM on October 22, 2004

Well, I'm torn. Back when I knew a lot less about baseball, Joe Morgan taught me a lot, especially during NL games where there's more strategy: bunts, double-switches, intentional walks to #8 hitters, etc. Now that I do know a fair amount about baseball, he's an idiot. But the only reason I can no longer tolerate him is because of his insistence that being the best second baseman of all time means he knows How to Play the Game. Because he doesn't. Other than that, he's fine in my book. Unless we're talking about Walpole Joe Morgan. Because that's my all-time fav Red Sox manager.

posted by yerfatma at 05:03 PM on October 22, 2004

I meant he is interesting to listen to, and combined with Chris Burman they don't infuriate me with meaningless stats and advice like I'm 3 year-old. I think "idiot" is kind of harsh. Old School perhaps. Not too many idiots in Cooperstown.

posted by DirkDiggler at 05:35 PM on October 22, 2004

Take a closr look. Baseball's history is littered with idiots (Wadell, Rube) and malcontents (Cobb, Ty) who survived simply because they could play the game.

posted by yerfatma at 07:13 PM on October 22, 2004

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