June 21, 2004

Host Portugal advances in Euro 2004: One of Europe's smallest and poorest nations, Portugal splurged about $4.8 billion on the 16-nation soccer tournament. Many cried foul - especially after a 2-1 opening defeat against Greece. The home nation, many feared, would be locked out of its own extravagant festivities.

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I have a feeling the whole country has shut down. I'll be landing in Lisbon on Saturday and staying in Estoril & I'll make every attempt to post from there.

posted by usfbull at 09:05 AM on June 21, 2004

DUDE! You are so lucky! I'm unemployed and debating whether to buy the England/Croatia game this afternoon for 20 bucks... Listening in on the BBC Radio just isn't the same.

posted by StarFucker at 09:18 AM on June 21, 2004

find some punters willing to pony up $10 at the door and you're laughing. and hey, don't just listen on the radio. the Guardian's live minute-by-minute web accounts are pretty amusing. as for me, I'll be at a mate's house. an english friend here in scotland. we didn't have time to comfortably make it to his place in time for the 5pm kickoff of the ENG-SUI game but happened to be in a pub that seemingly 100% pro-English (a stark inverse contrast to the pub I was in for the ENG-FRA game). hopefully his GO ON ENGLAND mojo is not spoiled by watching the game from his living room.

posted by gspm at 10:05 AM on June 21, 2004

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