January 24, 2024

Hockey Canada scandal, explained: Five members of 2018 World Juniors team facing charges of sexual assault: The names in an investigation into an alleged sexual assault involving members of the 2018 Canada World Juniors hockey team could be revealed at some point in the near future.

The Globe and Mail reported on Jan. 24 that five players from the 2018 team have been told to surrender to face charges of sexual assault. The names of the players have not been revealed yet, and they have not been formally charged.

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I can't believe how little attention this story has gotten in the States. Although the names of the five players have not been released and they have not been formally charged, the following 5 players who were on the 2018 Canadian World Juniors Team have been given indefinite leaves of absence from their respective NHL teams: (1) Carter Hart (PHI); (2) Michael McLeod (NJ); (3) Cal Foote (NJ); (4) Dillon Dube (CAL); (5) Alex Formenton (Swiss league). So even though the London PD has not identified the players, it's clear who is involved, even if the specific capacity of each is not.

This story is disgusting. I'm relying on an article from the Athletic in 2022 for my knowledge. In a nutshell, one player took an extremely intoxicated woman back to the team hotel and had sex with her. When they had finished, seven additional men entered the room and performed various sexual acts on the woman that need not be described in detail. Suffice it to say they were degrading, and the woman felt threatened enough to believe she could not leave. After the alleged sexual assault, she was told to bathe and recorded two separate messages on cell phones - one at 3:30 am and one at 4:40 am - saying that she was then sober and had consented to the sex.

Why do I care? Because I'm a Devils fan and I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted by McCleod, who I get the sense was one of the ring leaders, if not John Doe #1 who brought the inebriated woman back to the hotel and then invited his buddies to join him. I'm disgusted by the Devils organization bringing Cal Foote in this offseason with knowledge of the allegations of his involvement. Most of all I'm disgusted with myself. When the story first broke and I heard that McLeod was likely involved, I wanted him gone NOW. The story then cooled off and I sort of forgot about it. Meanwhile, McLeod has become an extremely important player on the Devils and a guy whose game I really admire. In short, I became a big Mikey McLeod fan. Now it's pretty clear that he's at the center of a horrifying, degrading, sexual assault of a drunk young woman, and I feel like a dumbfuck for forgetting about the allegations. If this all turns out to be true, and I sincerely expect that it is regardless of prosecution, I want McLeod and Foote gone forever.

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