December 23, 2003

There goes 3 weeks of my life I'll never get back.: The ARod deal is really dead, just in time for Red Sox Nation to apologize to their families for neglecting them since Thanksgiving, and still have time for some last minute apologetic holiday shopping. Did you know yesterday was the first day of winter? I didn't. I can tell you that ARod is a Leo and hits .316 off Tom Gordon, though. So lame.

So now what? It seems like no one is happy. ARod alienated his Texas teammates apparently. Nomar is most likely uber-pissed at the Red Sox brass, Kevin Millar openly chose ARod over Nomar and Manny. And if the management has any desire to re-sign him, Nomar and his agent now have Theo Epstein by the berries. I just want some answers. Theo better clear a 6 hour block for a monster press conference.

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I just don't know how either team (or MLB) deals with the aftermath. It seems like baseball is totally content with having egg on it's face time after time. I need to go finish my Christmas shopping. I hope by the time I get home, there's some better explainations out there from Theo and the Trio other than "We're not doing this. Sorry you wasted time ruminating about it. Have a nice holiday!"

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cough cough cursed cough cough Deepest apologies jg.

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Back on topic. Affleck Would Rather Worship Satan Than Root For Yankees. This may explain "Gigli".

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oh fork, you crazy misdirected bastard. and I can appreciate his love for the Red Sox, but I have a hard time aligning myself with Affleck anymore. The reports I am reading out of ESPN was that Hicks may have caved on his money request on behalf of Rodriguez.... and the Sox still weren't satisfied. God we were so fucking close... which is basically such a mantra of Red Sox Nation anyway they should paint it above the scoreboard on the Green Monster.

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Hicks may have caved on his money request on behalf of Rodriguez.... and the Sox still weren't satisfied. The Sox said all along it was A-Rod for Manny (plus a prospect) with no cash and a restructuring of A-Rod's contract. That was the part that didn't happen. Sucks, but so be it. Nomar's barganing position has been improved by one thing: Peter Angelos having more money than sense.

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Or maybe not: "Answer: False. A source close to the negotiations called those reports 'inaccurate.' Texas, according to this source, had scaled back its request for some financial relief from Boston, but had not dropped it entirely."

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JG, as we Jewish folks used to say every Passover: Next year in Jerusalem. Although we pronounced it Yerushaliam in my family.

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curt schilling says everything's ok.

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thank god- that trade scared me.

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how come?

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he's a blue jays fan.

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