June 26, 2023

Belgian Shot Putter Overcomes Hurdles to Save Her Team: When Belgium was facing disqualification from the European Championships for not fielding anyone in the 100-meter hurdles due to injuries, shot putter and hammer thrower Jolien Boumkwo leapt at the chance.

posted by rcade to olympics at 11:40 AM - 2 comments

I love that she carefully went over each hurdle to avoid getting DQ'd

posted by NoMich at 09:04 AM on June 27, 2023

It feels a little weird to me that Belgium didn't have a sprinter available (not one of the injured hurdlers of course, but one of the other runners) rather than a shotputter. Though I suppose any non-hurdler was likely to come in last behind all of the other countries' hurdlers, so maybe that didn't make a difference. Good on her for doing it either way.

posted by bender at 05:02 PM on June 27, 2023

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