May 31, 2023

MLB Takes Over San Diego Padres Broadcasts: Diamond Sports has aired its last San Diego Padres game after the network stopped making rights payments while it undergoes bankruptcy. Major League Baseball is taking over and will air games on cable and the league's streaming app. Diamond Sports parent Sinclair paid $10.6 billion in 2019 for the networks now called Bally Sports but the deal didn't include streaming rights. It got them for NBA and NHL teams but struck out with MLB.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't really seem to affect my ability to watch a game anyway. I either get cable (which I already made the decision not to do years ago), or I pay for the MLB app, which articles have told me is only good until Sunday (as far as watching in my home market without blackout restrictions).

posted by LionIndex at 06:13 PM on May 31, 2023

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