December 19, 2022

New details about alleged Hockey Canada group sexual assault: Police investigators in London, Ont., say they have reasonable grounds to believe that five members of the 2018 world junior hockey team sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room after a Hockey Canada fundraising gala, a recent filing to the Ontario Court of Justice indicates.

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posted by NoMich to hockey at 11:04 AM - 3 comments

Ah, crap, I had forgotten all about this story. I only say "ah, crap" as a Devils fan, because all rumblings indicate that Mikey MacLeod is at or near the center of it.

I do not say "ah crap" for any other reason, nor do I want this story to go away before the young woman gets the justice and closure she deserves, so that she can begin healing. And if a player who happens to play for my favorite team had anything to do with inflicting that kind of pain on a young woman, then fuck him with the rest of them.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:05 PM on December 19, 2022

I live in London, have stayed up to date on this story, of course it's at the forefront here (as it is across the country).

I am struggling to find words to express the level of my disgust on the entire matter.

posted by tommybiden at 02:13 PM on December 19, 2022

Ottawa did not re-sign RFA Alex Formenton. Rumor has it that his name may be on the police list?

posted by NoMich at 03:48 PM on December 19, 2022

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