November 09, 2022

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle:

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Intrigue awaits this weekend when Josh McDaniels, who left the Patriots - a team that is now weak and ordinary on offense - leads the Raiders, who have sucked all season and never should have let Rich Bisaccia (who went to the Packers who also suck) go, against the Colts, who Josh stood up at the altar in 2018 and are now in total disarray.

The winner in all this? McDaniels, who became the highest paid coordinator in the league after he stiffed the Colts, did well after deciding to stay with the Pats, and is now getting paid even more handsomely to fail as a head coach (again) in Las Vegas.

Oh, and Andrew Luck, who retired and got away from the Colts before the shit hit the fan.

And Matt Ryan, who found a team that thought he could still be a starter in the NFL when it should have been obvious he was done 2 years ago.

And maybe also Dan Snyder, who can now tell everyone: "Of all the people to question my ownership of an NFL franchise and call me detrimental to the league, who the fuck does Jim Irsay think he is?".

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