October 30, 2022

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

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Philly is the place to be at the moment. The disliked Steelers come to town today and then tomorrow, the Phillies, who won Game 1 on the road, bring the World Series home.

A Series game in Philadelphia on Halloween with the home team having made a statement in Houston - let your imagination go where it wants. Some fans will dress up as trash cans, some will dress up as off duty cops and invite other fans to throw up on them and their daughters. Someone will jump into the visitors' dugout fists a flying; someone will throw a cheesesteak into the bullpen. Orbit the Astros mascot will get kneecapped.

The NFL thought it was being clever by scheduling two orange teams to play on Halloween, but Bengals-Browns has no chance of competing with the pleasures that await in the city of brotherly love.

posted by beaverboard at 11:35 AM on October 30, 2022

Police investigating postgame 'assault' involving MSU, UM players

posted by tommybiden at 04:36 PM on October 30, 2022

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