October 16, 2022

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

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I'm bummed that the Mariners got eliminated, but at least their fans got to witness the equivalent of two nail biting home games - and didn't have to pay to see the second one.

The Padres continue to confound and surprise, not in spite of Lion's outlook of mild resignation and disparagement, but because of it. So the team will need another taste of Lion's special brand of good luck before taking on the...Phillies(?)

Go Guardians.

posted by beaverboard at 10:48 AM on October 16, 2022

Yep. I'm pretty bewildered by the whole thing, but beating the Dodgers was basically winning the World Series for the Pads, so expect a big emotional letdown and Phillies sweep.

Actually kind of upset with the Phillies for ruining a chance to knock out all 100-win teams in the playoffs.

Who could've predicted that the way the Pads would get this far would be that the bottom of their lineup would start absolutely torching everybody?

posted by LionIndex at 01:50 PM on October 16, 2022

Under the radar: Tatis' suspension for next season has been reduced by a minimum of 11 games.

posted by LionIndex at 01:55 PM on October 16, 2022

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