July 14, 2022

God Almighty the Orioles Have Won 10 in a Row: Phyllis Cooper was a Baltimore native and Orioles fan since 1954 who died July 2 at age 93. Since then her beloved O's have won 10 straight games -- their best streak since 1999. Her son Randy said she was a huge fan. “One thing I learned early on was don’t call her during a game. Because she’s not going to answer you and then you’re just going to get worried, like, ‘Mom isn’t answering the phone.’"

posted by rcade to baseball at 05:35 PM - 1 comment

And Seattle has won 11 in a row? And Ohtani has had four pitching starts in a row with over 10 strikeouts? What a great time for baseball, but too bad the Tigers and Cubs both suck ass this season

posted by NoMich at 08:20 AM on July 15, 2022

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