October 05, 2021

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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It's that resplendent time of year when they begin announcing the Nobel Prize winners and MacArthur Fellows.

In order to preserve the gleam of the moment, I decided it would be unwise to mention that Trent Baalke will soon be named the 2021 Bobby Petrino Award winner for Excellence in Head Coaching Hires.

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Please let this go on and on for the rest of the football season. Anything to distract me from how terrible the Lions are and how the Panthers have lost their best players to injury. But alas, I'm afraid that because winning cures all ills, the Jaguars are going to cease to be a joke. After all, the Coach Meyer just said that from watching game video, he can see a marked improvement with the team's play from week 1 to week 4. He was referring to *game* video, right? ZIIIIING!! /sigh the Lions suck

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I don't know how many people thought that the Lions chose the right HC for the job. I know I wasn't one of them.

Goff hadn't been bad the first 3 weeks and they've had chances to win, but his crotch fumble against the Bears may become more infamous than the Sanchez butt fumble.

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My selections for the CFL Pick 'Em

Happy Thanksgiving!

Toronto by 14

Winnipeg by 14

Saskatchewan by 14

Hamilton by 14

Montreal by 14

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