March 06, 2021

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Tom Wilson busy doing Tom Wilson things again

posted by tommybiden at 11:14 AM on March 06, 2021

Wilson has an in-person interview scheduled with the league. He has been suspended 4 times previously for acts such as last night's. The NHL claims that they want to get things like this out of the game. Here's your chance, NHL. Sit Wilson down for the rest of the season, perhaps for next season as well. Even that might not be enough.

posted by Howard_T at 01:55 PM on March 06, 2021

I'm not holding my breath for that much of a punishment. This is the league that let Todd Bertuzzi back on the ice after what he did to a fellow player and to the reputation of the league.

posted by NoMich at 02:39 PM on March 06, 2021

Vegas Golden Knights forced to find new lodgings in San Jose

posted by tommybiden at 05:08 PM on March 06, 2021

in-person interview

It's my understanding that an in-person hearing tends to mean minimum of 5 game suspension. I would be hopeful for 12-13, but I suspect 5 or 6 will be the number.

posted by tommybiden at 05:12 PM on March 06, 2021

Tom Wilson suspended seven games for boarding Bruins' Brandon Carlo

In an 82 game season, 7 would equal ~10, not enough, but it's what the NHL tends to do.

posted by tommybiden at 10:22 AM on March 07, 2021

The Capitals bitching about his punishment ("It's been a while since he's done anything") is a shitty look.

/not biased at all

posted by yerfatma at 07:57 PM on March 08, 2021

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