February 23, 2021

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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posted by huddle to general at 06:00 AM - 6 comments

Surgeries now being performed for "multiple leg injuries." So, I guess this is the end to his PGA career?

posted by NoMich at 03:28 PM on February 23, 2021

They may just be doing the immediate conspicuous work in the aftermath of the crash. He recently had more back surgery so no telling what deeper setbacks may lurk beneath the crash-related injuries.

posted by beaverboard at 03:32 PM on February 23, 2021

Bummer for him.

posted by billsaysthis at 07:01 PM on February 23, 2021

Shattered ankle, two fractures in his legs with one of them being compound. Another report saying that both fractures were compound with one in each leg. Man, for his sake, I really hope that he went into a deep state of shock to not feel those breaks.

posted by NoMich at 07:25 PM on February 23, 2021

Knowing Alex Smith, Tiger is probably (hopefully) going to hear from him one way or another.

posted by beaverboard at 08:01 PM on February 23, 2021

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