February 13, 2021

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Controversial ex-Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle resigns from Jaguars

posted by tommybiden at 07:23 AM on February 13, 2021

Can you imagine if Doyle had been hired by the 2017 Jaguars? He would have had at least three grown men standing on his chest within 24 hours.

Regarding the Iowa football program, Doyle was identified as one of two problems in the building. The other was Brian Ferentz, son of HC Kirk Ferentz.

Why does that matter? Well, there's this.

You get into Urban Meyer's web o' stuff and the connections start snaking their way into all sorts of places. Kind of like the Nixon administration.

posted by beaverboard at 10:05 AM on February 13, 2021

It's nice that Urban Meyer isn't even trying to hide his true self anymore, just letting that freak flag fly. "Ok, boys, we'll fire the racist, but see if you can get a spouse abuser who will melt down in some outrageous way later on!"

posted by yerfatma at 12:53 PM on February 13, 2021

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