February 10, 2021

Pittsburgh hires Ron Hextall to be their new G.M. Brian Burke as President of Hockey Operations: Less than 2 weeks after Jim Rutherford surprisingly resigned, the Penguins dramatically reshaped their front office with a pair of hires. Ron Hextall, a fiery former goalie and a member of the Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame, fills the vacant G.M. spot. Brian Burke was hired in a newly created position as president of hockey operations.

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Why does a team need a GM and a President of Hockey Operations?

posted by billsaysthis at 11:19 AM on February 10, 2021

Probably the same reason some companies create multiple levels of management .. which is no tangible reason.

Aside from his luck in landing both Sedins in Vancouver Burke has been a mistake swiftly erased by every team that has hired him.

From Wikipedia:

"A president of hockey operations is not to be confused with a team's president. A president of hockey operations sits between president (or owner) and general manager within a club's hierarchy. It is an advisory position assuming little to no direct responsibility for team decisions."

Hextall knows how to build a successful team through draft and develop. Burke on the other hand trades away futures based on his man-crush for players like Phaneuf and Kessel. Have to wonder if Hextall knew they planned to hire Burke prior to accepting the job.

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Pardon the intrusion. The gentleman from North Carolina has the floor.

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Ron Hextal is a good athlete, why not he is launching his own brand, Just take 1st step and make a Wikipedia page for your band This will take your brand to the peak

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