February 06, 2021

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KC Chiefs Linebackers coach Britt Reid, son of Andy Reid, was involved in a multi car accident with serious injuries. He will not travel with the team to the Super Bowl.

In the past, incidents that happened on the eve of the game have colored the outcome.

The last time the Buccaneers were in the Super Bowl, Oakland center Barret Robbins went AWOL in Tijuana and missed the game. The Bucs won big.

The last time a Florida team was in the Super Bowl before that, Dolphins GM Michael Robbie (son of team owner Joe Robbie) went AWOL and was not present at the game. The 49ers won big.

The next time the Niners were in the Super Bowl after that, the game was played in Miami's new Joe Robbie Stadium. Bengals RB Stanley Wilson got caught with his third drug violation and missed the game. San Francisco prevailed.

San Fran liked playing at Joe Robbie. They walloped the Chargers the next time the game was played there.

The Falcons did not share the 49ers' enthusiasm. The next time the game was played in Miami, Atlanta DB Eugene Robinson was caught soliciting sex from an undercover cop and missed the Super Bowl. Denver won big.

However, sometimes water flows in the opposite direction.

The first time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl, Packers reserve WR Max McGee stayed out until 6:30 am on game day partying with two flight attendants. He was not in a state of game readiness when the team arrived at the stadium.

Yet he was subbed in for an injured starter and carried the day with a borrowed helmet, catching seven balls, scoring twice, and burning future film star Fred "The Hammer" Williamson to race into the end zone with the first TD ever scored at the Super Bowl. The Packers won big.

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