January 15, 2021

Who knew there was a :

In golf’s history, there were just four previous condors reported through 2018 — all of them holes-in-one on par 5s, starting in 1962 when a golfer in Hope, Ark. cut the corner on a dogleg for an ace on a 480-yard hole. Before Pon’s rare feat, the last condor was in 2007, when a 16-year-old aced a 511-yard hole in New South Wales, Australia.

posted by yerfatma to golf at 11:14 AM - 1 comment

But...a Par 6!? Yardage be damned, if you can hit a drive 540 out of 700 yards, there is no way that should be a Par 6, is there? Alternatively, the fact that he is the first person to do it says something. Where's JJ when we need him?

posted by tahoemoj at 02:14 PM on January 18, 2021

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