June 23, 2020

When the Media Owns the Teams It Covers: The way TSN buried the news of Auston Matthews testing positive for coronavirus has Ed Willes worried about media ownership of teams they cover, since the network and the Toronto Maple Leafs share common owners. "The lines between teams and the people who report on them have been blurred beyond recognition," he writes.

posted by rcade to general at 07:45 AM - 1 comment

The more TSN buries Leafs coverage the better. Of course, they aren't burying coverage, they just replace it with other more favorable Leafs coverage.

BTW, it's not the first time TSN has buried a Matthews story everyone else had as headline news. I suppose job security plays a part in what TSN writers submit to their bosses.

posted by cixelsyd at 02:50 PM on June 23, 2020

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