May 22, 2020

The same people who put Trump in office run the NFL. No wonder it's not diverse : "Only once in nearly two decades has a club been penalized for non-compliance: [with the Rooney Rule] when the Detroit Lions couldn’t keep it in their pants long enough to at least do the dance before hiring Steve Mariucci, earning them a $200,000 fine in 2003."

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The headline may be ladling on a bit too much dressing at the salad bar, but that's another topic. It was designed to grab eyeballs and that it did.

They didn't need that headline to nail down the premise of the story. And the same thing happens in college basketball to a certain degree. Kentucky was never comfortable with Tubby Smith and Indiana was never comfortable with Mike Davis. Both went to title games; Tubby won his. It'll be interesting to see what Duke and UNC do when Coach K and Roy retire.

When the question is asked: "Why aren't more people of color working in top jobs for NFL owners?", I want to know how often the answer goes both ways. Do assistants take a HC job regardless of the situation if it's offered to them, or do they remain patient and wait for a good situation?

Because a lot of the folks that own football teams are characters that a lot of people would not want to work for. If ownership is the Pegula family, is there such a thing as a good situation? When Brian Flores took the Miami gig, how much thought did he give to the notion of working for Stephen Ross? Especially coming from the payroll of Bob Kraft, who is one of the better owners in the league regardless of his fondness for Mar A Lago and massage parlors. The same question applies to Anthony Lynn, working for the Spanos family.

Eric Bieniemy sure as hell can coach and Lord knows deserves a shot. He's currently in a good situation. He could do a lot worse in the ownership department working for Hunt. Is that part of the equation? If you're black and already busting your butt to overcome that professional obstacle, and you know you have to deal with the media and all the other stuff that goes with the HC job, then you look at prospective ownership and realize how much that factor matters if you're going to be able to succeed, do you size up the whole picture and realize that certain job offers are just never going to work, or do you take the opportunity and the money no matter what?

To boil it all down: Ron Rivera, WTF?

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