November 26, 2019

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Time to get a jump on the annual Black Friday retail madness.

At the top of my 2019 holiday shopping list is the blockbuster new bestseller entitled The Joy of Run Blocking and Cleaning House by Marie Kondo and the Baltimore Ravens.

Hardcover only.

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Very hard hardcover! Looking forward to seeing Jackson and the Ravens hit up against the 49ers this weekend.

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Thanks to Akim Aliu, it looks like we're about to experience a sea change in hockey culture. And thank goodness that Bill Peters will be the poster child of this change.

Michal Jordan accuses Bill Peters of physical mistreatment during Peters' time as Hurricanes coach. And, sadly, Ron Francis only enabled Peters' behavior during his tenure in Raleigh by doing nothing when the players (and possibly Brindy? Rumor has it anyway) went to him with their concerns over Peters' behavior. The Franchise did nothing.

Ex-LA King Daniel Carcillo is now speaking out about the treatment of the players by coach Darryl Sutter and the coach being protected by the Sutter name.

Theo Fleury is happy that hockey's version of the #metoo movement is now starting.

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When asked about the physical abuse that Michal Jordan suffered under Bill Peters, Rod Brind'amour answered, "It definitely happened."

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Brindy's complete words from this morning's skate in NYC:

"I'm going to just start because I know the questions are coming here and talking about the incident with Bill," Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour said as he addressed the media at Madison Square Garden after Wednesday's morning skate. "It for sure happened, the two issues in question." (he means the issues that happened with Hurricanes players, Michal Jordan and an unnamed defenseman who is still on the team)

"But to me it's what happened after that I'm proud of, the way the players handled it and the way our sports staff handled it " bringing it to management right away. Then management handled it correctly and we never heard of it again. Never saw anything else after that. It was definitely dealt with, in my opinion, correctly. And that's the last I need to talk about it because it's not our issue. We definitely moved passed that. So I want to talk about the game."

"Players are afraid to speak up, and to be honest with you, everybody under the coach, the manager, they are afraid to speak up, I think at times," Brind'Amour said. "Because there's a big gap on the power structure on that. I think the players have way more power now, and they realize that. I think it's important for them to speak out about whatever they think is important because the times have changed. They definitely have more power and they need to speak up."

Might we see a shift in old school NHL coaching culture?
"It changed a long time ago," Brind'Amour said. "To me, times have changed."

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Flames head coach Bill Peters has resigned, effective immediately

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