November 28, 2018

The Complications Surrounding the Copa Libertadores Final Unlike Any Other: After massive violence by River Plate fans led to the second leg being postponed, CONMEBOL and the clubs are struggling to find a way to get the game played. Will it even be played at all?

posted by billsaysthis to soccer at 11:19 AM - 2 comments

FIFA president Gianni Infantino told Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici that if his team does not play tonight, they will be disqualified, per reports. This, however, would not be down to FIFA as Copa Libertadores is a CONMEBOL tournament and any decision can only be made by the aforementioned governing body.

Ah, FIFA, always good to know you'll do the wrong thing. CONMEBOL should forfeit River Plate and give the title to Boca Juniors.

posted by kokaku at 12:43 PM on November 28, 2018

The footage of the attacks on the bus and the aftermath is absolutely appalling. I think a forfeit by River Plate is appropriate as well.

If the game comes to Miami, what person with any sense would go?

posted by rcade at 10:14 AM on November 29, 2018

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