August 11, 2017

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Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott suspended 6 games

posted by tommybiden at 12:40 PM on August 11, 2017

I was going to post that as "Ezekiel Elliott getting prepared to appeal a suspension that will be reduced to 4 games".

posted by yerfatma at 01:32 PM on August 11, 2017

The sequence of events as they happened:

1) Jerry Jones says he doesn't expect Elliott to get suspended.

2) Jones gets inducted into Pro Football HOF the following day

3) Vince Wilfork leaves Texas, heads to Foxboro, retires as a Patriot

3) Goodell makes his first appearance in Foxboro since the deflate game the following day. Spends time with Kraft up in the owner's box.

4) Elliott gets suspended the following day

It's all there. We just have to dive deeper, find the patterns, and connect the dots.

No one has even begun to figure out how Umbrella Man and Babushka Lady figure into all this.

posted by beaverboard at 07:14 PM on August 11, 2017

Oh Arsenal.

How we missed you.

posted by owlhouse at 08:00 PM on August 11, 2017

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