December 04, 2016

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Thinking ahead to possible AFC playoff pairings...

I watched the Oakland punter get run into by the Buffalo rush late in the game. A flag gets tossed, as appropriate. The punter (a damn good one) picks up the flag and uses it as a celebratory stage prop then tosses it back on the turf. Promptly gets rung up for a 15 yard penalty, assessed after the first down is awarded. So it's still Oakland's ball, 1st and 25.

Moments later, the punter and Del Rio are joking about it on the sideline. Ha ha - we can afford to do dumb stuff cause we're gonna beat the Bills. And it's fun.

Which moon of Saturn would that punter currently be orbiting if he had pulled that stunt on the deck of the USS Belichick?

The answer is no moon, because the stunt wouldn't have happened to begin with.

I'm not going to say that Del Rio has no chance in hell of prevailing in the playoffs, because this is the wrong year to say those kinds of things. But still...

posted by beaverboard at 09:55 PM on December 04, 2016

Technically the playoffs are next year.

posted by billsaysthis at 11:41 AM on December 05, 2016

I have a bad feeling that 2016 is not going to be confined to one of our primitive Earth-years.

(Exhibit A: Lemmy died in 2015.)

posted by Etrigan at 03:07 PM on December 05, 2016

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