August 15, 2016

Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky in the Same Relay? It Could Happen.: What if there were one last event, a mixed-gender medley that teamed the nationís winningest women with its most-medalled men.

posted by bender to olympics at 12:57 PM - 3 comments

This particular idea may strike me a bit as trying to wish into existence another way for the US to win an Olympic medal, but I like the idea of an overall effort to add more mixed-gender events.

posted by bender at 01:00 PM on August 15, 2016

Why not do the same on the track for the 4x100m relays? Two men, two women, alternating each leg.

Or "team heptathlon", where you combine the scores of each member on the team (or they each do 3 events, and both do the final 800m as a 2x400m relay)?

Is there team golf at these Olympics? Each nation has a male/female pair, and it's alternating shots in match play single-elimination mode.

How about a combined weightlifting, where BOTH competitors work together to lift the (extra-long) bar?

posted by grum@work at 02:31 PM on August 15, 2016

Or, ya know, mixed doubles.

posted by jmd82 at 09:33 PM on August 15, 2016

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