May 22, 2016

Did the Starting Gate Injury Break Barbaro's Leg?: On Preakness weekend, Tom Scocca asks a question on Deadspin about a tragic moment in the race a decade ago. Kentucky Derby Barbaro broke a leg in 20 places during the race. The injury is treated like something that happened during the race, but Barbaro crashed through the gate and stumbled before the start. "The mystery, then and now, is how everyone was so sure that Barbaro didn’t get hurt on the false start," Scocca writes. "It wasn’t because he got a thorough checkup before reloading. Nor was it because it’s normal for a strong and healthy horse to spontaneously break down out of the gate."

posted by rcade to other at 10:24 AM - 1 comment

Interesting read, although some of the comments in the Deadspin article (from seemingly informed/qualified commenters) have me leaning towards the "probably not" camp.

posted by holden at 10:43 AM on May 24, 2016

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