January 08, 2016

Tennis Player Throws Racquet, Hits Ball Boy: At the ASB Classic in New Zealand, women's player Jelena Ostapenko threw her racket and struck a ball boy, which her opponent Naomi Broady argued was deliberate and should have resulted in her disqualification. See the video on YouTube, along with discussion of similar incidents that did result in a DQ. In 1995, Tim Henmen was disqualified with his doubles partner at Wimbledon when he hit a ball in anger and it struck a ball girl in the ear.

posted by rcade to tennis at 04:32 PM - 3 comments

If she wasn't throwing it, she was certainly not holding it safely. But either way, Ostapenko lost, so justice is served.

posted by Etrigan at 07:09 PM on January 08, 2016

so justice is served.

*sad trombone*

posted by LionIndex at 08:39 PM on January 08, 2016

I believe you meant "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!"

posted by Etrigan at 09:21 PM on January 09, 2016

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