August 16, 2003

Jamison and Van Excel switching places.: Along with 6 other players. This clears up the front court log jam for the Warriors and the Mavs get another scorer (just what they need).

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Pardon the misspelling. Van Exel.

posted by corpse at 09:20 AM on August 16, 2003

This may be one of the ugliest trades I've seen in awhile. This trade may look good "on paper" but I see some serious chemistry issues ahead.


  1. Van Exel Will have a blow up on his below .500 team but avg good pts, 3pm, asts.
  2. Jamison will not average anything close to his career scoring.(He plays the same position as Nowitzki) He will become defensive about this and eventually become Joe Smith II:The Shithead.
  3. Danny Fortson will praise god for breaking him out of Musselman's doghouse; only to find himself on Nellie's bench halfway through the season (although I'm sure his intimidating post presence and rebounding were the impetus for this trade). He might actually become a contributor though; new digs and all.
  4. Jiri Welsch may very well have a breakout season as backup pg.
  5. Chris Mills will fill in nicely for Adrian Griffin.
  6. Avery will play some, if at all. Eschmeyer will find himself on the bench. Popeye will get some burn when healthy.

posted by lilnemo at 12:39 PM on August 16, 2003

Frees up cap space next year and 2005 for GSW. Saves Welsch from competing with Claxton and embarrasing St. Jean by beating Speedy for the minutes.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:39 PM on August 16, 2003

To me this looks good for the Mavs from a number of stances - Nick is a selfish player and while exciting isn't a better player than Nash, yet needs a lot of minutes to contribute. Jamison and Nowitzki could play together very well. Jamison has a better back to the basket game (something no one on the Mavs had last year outside of their guards) and Nowitzki plays like a three anyway. i don't see a huge problem there. I like Jiri Welsch and from what little I've seen seems like the prototypical Euro guard - good 'basketball IQ' (I love that term - you never hear it in any other sport) and can hit a shot. He may be the steal in all this. And the Warriors are going to be one exciting team to watch. A lot of ballers, shot-callers, brawlers... Plus they get cap room. Griffin always seemed to me like a guy who could play a seriously effective first 6 minutes of a game - like everyone on the opposite bench just forgets about him at the tip-off until he stops someone and then hits a three. Then he's useless for the remaining 42 minutes - mostly because he's Adrian Griffin. He's was a trivia question for most of last year in the 'surprised I didn't know that' category - "Who is the starting shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks?"

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Whoa watch for typos

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The only thing that will help the Warriors is to get Cohan to sell the team. Heck, this morning one of the lead sports columnists at the Mercury News (which I try not to link because of idiotic pay archive policies) called for St. Jean--whom he nicknamed St. Genius--to be fired and replaced with Musselman in a dual role. And you know that's gonna happen RSN!

posted by billsaysthis at 04:17 PM on August 18, 2003

The Dallas Morning News (which I try not to link to due to horrible registration requirements that involve replying to an e-mail) are saying that there's a possibility that a third team may be involved with this trade. The trade, even as it stands right now, won't be "official" until Friday.

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The deal can be approved by the league in principle today. However the players must submit to physicals within 10 days.

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In principle. Hee Hee...

posted by lilnemo at 05:14 PM on August 18, 2003

lilnemo, are you sniggering over the concept of these execs, players, and league having something so base as principles? Cause I'm down with that.

posted by billsaysthis at 07:20 PM on August 18, 2003

this also shores up the Warriors gaping hole at pg after Arenas left...

posted by chmurray at 03:17 AM on August 19, 2003

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