August 11, 2003

He's back.: The mercurial, flamboyant, majestic, short-tempered, controversial footballing God that is Paulo di Canio signs a deal with Charlton Athletic having been released by West Ham at the end of the season. Most famous for pushing referee Paul Alcock to the ground whilst playing for Sheffield Wednesday, he followed this low point in his career by winning the Fifa Fair Play award and scoring the goal of the season whilst at West Ham. He also made Fabien Barthez look like a complete muppet (as if Barthez needed any help). I for one, welcome back our Italian overlord.

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re: complete muppet - so with BBC getting the highlights rights does this mean that from 2004 they will show actual highlight clips there instead of an animation? hurrah for the animators and all but i'd still like to watch video.

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If di Canio can keep his temper in check, he'll do magic at Charlton. I think a lot of his frustration last year was from the injuries, not getting a regular place at West Ham, the conflict with Roeder. Charlton can definitely do with some goalmaking, if not goalscoring.

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I like DiCanio...

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Fabien? Are you okay? Blink if you can hear me!

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I note that Howard started in goal yesterday for ManU and did quite well. Has anyone seen anything yet from Ferguson on who will play next weekend in the opener?

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Speaking of Muppets, when they make the movie will Bert and Ernie play Sammi and Stephan or Steven and Dietmar?

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Given Howard's matchwinning performance, I think he will get the nod ahead of Carroll. Hey, is Barthez crocked or just way down on the pecking order?

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I think Lord Fergie has just about given up on Barthez. I must admit, I didn't think Howard would start so early, but it's looking like the starting spot is his to lose. Di Canio is an excellent signing for Charlton. If nothing else, he brings excitement. He's still got goals in him. As long as Curbishley is a good enough man-manager, he'll be fine.

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Agree with Salmacis, Howard looked good on Sunday and Fergie has since been talking him up, and said he will have no problems in the prem, will being the operative word, perhaps. I am glad Di Canio is back in the prem, never a dull moment with the bugger and at times he takes your breath away. The only pity about the all cock incident is that he didn't kick him as well. I have never seen such an unneccessary and theatrical tumble, Ashley Cole excepted.

posted by Fat Buddha at 07:32 AM on August 12, 2003

cock incident?

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all cock, old cock?

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Yes, the cock is a cock, obviously.

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This is a silly thread...

posted by StarFucker at 08:38 AM on August 13, 2003

Shut the cock up, this thread rocks!

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