October 19, 2013

Card Trick: Rout sends St. Louis to World Series: It's a common scene in October and one that's becoming a habit for a Cardinals team that is making its fourth World Series appearance since 2004. "Coming back here and doing it in front of our home fans, we gave them another game to watch at Busch Stadium. Seeing that confetti on the field, getting that big platform out there, getting that trophy presented in front of our home fans, that's a special moment," Adam Wainwright said. At the end of the day, the Cardinals are winners. And they don't appear likely to go into a slump any time soon. The more you see the Cards play, the more you get the picture. This is a winning organization. Other teams may have higher payrolls or higher profiles. This team is the NL's best once more. These were the Cards that we were used to seeing: Hitters working deep counts, coming up with two-strike hits, a relentless, grinding attack that finally broke the will, if not the spirit, of Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw in a 9-0 victory on Friday night. Carlos Beltran: "Thank God I got the opportunity to play with this team. There's a lot of winners on this ballclub."

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They've already taken the Begging the Question pennant. And the Manifest Destiny Trophy. 4 trips in 9 years; would you have written similar about the Pirates, Orioles, Athletics in the '70s? The Patriots won 3 NFL titles in 4 years and we got lots of talk about "The Patriot Way". Haven't seen a trophy since.

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And they don't appear likely to go into a slump any time soon.

Man are you tempting fate with those 13 words.

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If they were my own, there's no doubt karma would strike sooner, rather than later. I think the idea behind that sentence was acknowledging the young age of the club and the potentials that are ahead. But I'm realistic and understand that the Cards have quite a battle left in front of them. I don't see them as a lock in the WS at all. I do however, see them as a contender in the Central Division and NL for the short, foreseeable future. The Reds and Pirates are definite contenders as well.

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E9 sinks Dodgers' battleship.

posted by holden at 07:44 PM on October 19, 2013

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