August 17, 2013

Seattle Investor Spends $80K Fighting Sacramento Arena: A leader of the effort to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle donated $80,000 to Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork, a political group trying to block a new basketball arena in the California city. Chris Hansen supported the group's effort to collect enough signatures to bring the arena to a public vote. "I made a mistake I regret," he said. "I would also just point out that the contribution was made in my personal capacity and not on behalf of our ownership group or my partners."

posted by rcade to basketball at 01:40 PM - 3 comments

Of course he'll state his "regret" ... it's all good until you're caught..

posted by jjzucal at 03:16 PM on August 17, 2013

I think it's more than regret at being caught. He wants to be an NBA owner and just made it harder for a publicly funded arena to get built. Since all pro sports owners share a common interest in breaking open the public piggy bank, he likely pissed some of them off.

posted by rcade at 04:28 PM on August 17, 2013

Isn't this how capitalism and democracy is supposed to work?

posted by owlhouse at 01:00 AM on August 18, 2013

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