April 14, 2013

Female Bullfighter Patricia McCormick Dies: Patricia McCormick, the first woman in North America to become a professional bullfighter, died in a Del Rio, Texas, nursing home on March 26 at age 83. McCormick performed in hundreds of bullfights in the 1950s from Mexico to South America. She was not able to climb above the apprentice rank of novillera because no male matador would give her the required sponsorship. McCormick was gored six times, most brutally in 1954 in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, across the border from Del Rio. "The horn went right up my stomach," she told the Los Angeles Times in 1989. "The bull carried me around the ring for a minute, impaled on his horns. They gave me the last rites there. The doctor said, 'Carry her across the border and let her die in her own country.'"

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Bull fighting is no more a sport than dog fighting IMO.

posted by Drood at 03:48 PM on April 15, 2013

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