February 20, 2013

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle:

A place to discuss the sports stories that aren't making news, share links that aren't quite front-page material, and diagram plays on your hand. Remember to count to five Mississippi before commenting in anger.

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.........not that it matters at all, but really, he was juiced too.

posted by Debo270 at 08:20 AM on February 20, 2013

Sorry to lead off with two posts, but my dad was telling me about Eddie Fayner "The king and his court" yesterday, and i know some of the older guys know. Great SI story

posted by Debo270 at 09:51 AM on February 20, 2013

If you're into competitive Judo in Japan, expect to get hit.

posted by yerfatma at 10:44 AM on February 20, 2013

Canadian tennis pro Rebecca Marino is stepping away from the sport, in part due to the regular negative attention of people on social media.

posted by dfleming at 11:40 AM on February 20, 2013

A statistical look at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team.

posted by yerfatma at 02:58 PM on February 20, 2013

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