July 15, 2003

NY Daily News Panel of Experts: picks the all-time New York Yankee team. I have to disagree with Rizzuto over Jeter. Even assuming Rizzuto was the best shortstop in the AL for much of his career, and Jeter is only 3rd today; the shortstops of today are far superior and such an argument is moot.

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Good link here. Dales15 I agree, Jeter at #1 for SS with a bullet. While I can't disagree with the toss-up between Berra and Dickey at catcher I would have loved to see Thurman Munson get an honorable (or ANY) mention. Maybe this is just me, and maybe it's unfair, but I wish lists like this would name the three best outfielders, period, not position by position. The CFer is almost always the best athlete/player on the field between the three, and I'm sure if Bernie Williams had to play left because of the presence of a superior CF then he would be ahead of Dave Winfield.

posted by vito90 at 07:52 PM on July 15, 2003

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