January 09, 2013

Maple Leafs fire G.M. Brian Burke : The Toronto Maple Leafs new ownership conglomerate of Bell, Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum pulled the plug on Burke on Wednesday morning, shocking the hockey world on a day when most of the game’s owners – included Tanenbaum – are set to vote on the collective agreement. Burke’s firing comes just 4 days before training camps are expected to open and a week and a half before an abbreviated 48-game schedule will start for the Leafs in Montreal on Jan. 19. The curious timing of the decision came after months of soul searching by new ownership, according to MLSE president Tom Anselmi.

posted by tommytrump to hockey at 03:14 PM - 5 comments

This is equivalent to punishing the victim of a mugging because he walked past the dark alley. The Phil Kessel deal with Boston had to be a heist of epic proportions. I'm very surprised the Leafs waited this long.

posted by Howard_T at 03:42 PM on January 09, 2013

I'm not really surprised that the Leafs parted ways with Burke, I'm just surprised at the timing. This seems like something you do right after the end of a disappointing season and before a draft.

posted by insomnyuk at 05:11 PM on January 09, 2013

It's like they were waiting for the season to be called off, then they could fire Burke before the start of the new season later this year. Suddenly this season was to start in a matter of days. So as they wanted to get rid of him before the season started...

posted by roberts at 05:46 PM on January 09, 2013

The Leafs are just hoping he lands with another team quickly so they can trade Phil Kessel for a high first round draft pick.

posted by cixelsyd at 10:13 PM on January 09, 2013

Just for the timing I hope they collapse at the gate.

posted by jjzucal at 02:40 PM on January 10, 2013

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