November 15, 2012

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With yesterday's AL Cy Young vote, something very interesting has happened.

David Price (TB) won with 153 points.
Justin Verlander (DET) finished second with 149 points.

The scoring system for voting is:
1st = 7pts
2nd = 4pts
3rd = 3pts
4th = 2pts
5th = 1pt

If someone had switched their vote from:

1st - Price
2nd - Verlander


1st - Verlander
2nd - Price

then Verlander would have won the AL Cy Young award.

Here are the results AND individual ballots.

Look at about 3/4 of the way down the list of ballots.

You'll see that Jon Paul Morosi, of Fox, is listed as one of the two voters from the Detroit chapter.

His vote was:
1st - Price
2nd - Verlander
3rd - Hernandez
4th - Weaver
5th - Rodney

Morosi isn't really from the Detroit chapter, he's a national "at-large" voter that baseball writers slotted into the Detroit chapter because he used to be a writer in the Detroit area.

If Morosi had been a "homer" and voted for Verlander over Price...

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Canadiens' P.K. Subban's New Job At Boston Pizza Isn't Working Out So Well

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Has anyone seen grum and Nate Silver in the same room?

Thought not.

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