July 09, 2003

Esera Tuaolo's novelty status as a former NFL player and self-outed gay man got him an endorsement gig, writes ESPN.Com columnist Mark Kreidler. "Tuaolo may be barely recognizable to the everyday sports fan, but he has been a widely celebrated figure in gay culture for the better part of a year."

posted by rcade to culture at 08:39 AM - 4 comments

Good for him. I have admired his courage since he first came out. His acceptance into mainstream society will no doubt help young gay athletes to cope with some of their obstacles. (And good for Chile's, too, although their food blows.)

posted by vito90 at 08:52 AM on July 09, 2003

I agree on both counts bully for Esra, and I'll support the chain when their food doesn't suck.

posted by wfrazerjr at 10:57 AM on July 09, 2003

Will he sing? He did a pretty good rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" a few years ago when he played for the Packers.

posted by shackbar at 01:59 AM on July 10, 2003

Shack, he does sing, and pretty well, I might add. Unfortunately, the commercials do absolutely nothing to make me want to run out and have a bad steak at a chain restaurant, so the advertising company has failed miserably.

posted by wfrazerjr at 08:22 AM on July 10, 2003

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