December 18, 2011

The Hoser's NFL Picks, Week 15 2011: NFL picks that have visions of Ginger Plums dancing -- down at Roxy's Hideout on Macho Mug night.

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Picks are done and it's time to head out for a well-earned pancake breakfast. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!

Washington (+6.5) at NEW YORK GIANTS (46.5): I'd be happier if both teams could lose this one. Giants 24, Racists 17.
Green Bay (-13.5) at KANSAS CITY (45.5): Unemployed NFL coaches will draw straws this morning and the loser runs KC today. Packers 27, Chiefs 10.
New Orleans (-7.5) at MINNESOTA (53): Shouldn't be much of a game, but it's fun to watch Toby Gerhart run over linebackers like Lindsey Lohan headed for a free bar. Saints 31, Vikings 20.
Seattle (+3.5) at CHICAGO (35.5): Sam Hurd should have advertised -- "It's the Windy City and boy, do we have your blow!" Seahawks 17, Bears 16.
Miami (+1.5) at BUFFALO (40.5): Dolphins hate the cold, don't they? Bills 20, Dolphins 16.
Carolina (+6) at HOUSTON (44.5): If you decide to bet against the Panthers, don't watch the game. Cam Newton will have your Fritos dancing in your stomach. Texans 26, Panthers 21.
Tennessee (-6.5) at INDIANAPOLIS (41.5): Welcome in Jake Locker -- about five weeks too late. Titans 22, Colts 13.
Cincinnati (-7) at ST. LOUIS (39): Unless your TV has a convection oven that automatically produces the snack food of choice for the home team (hello, toasted ravioli!), there's no reason to watch this game. Bengals 21, Rams 13.
Detroit (-1) at OAKLAND (48): There's no truth to the rumour that Ndamukong Suh spent his two weeks with the national touring company of Stomp. Lions 24, Raiders 20.
New England (-7.5) at DENVER (47): The QB who talks about Jesus vs. the actual Football Jesus. Patriots 26, Broncos 20.
New York Jets (+2.5) at PHILADELPHIA (44): It would be much cooler to see Rex Ryan square off against Andy Reid in a Philly cheesesteak eating competition. Jets 19, Eagles 17.
Cleveland (+7) at ARIZONA (37.5): In a special promotion, Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be on hand to make sure no Hispanics get off the Cleveland team bus. Cardinals 20, Browns 16.
Baltimore (-2.5) at SAN DIEGO (44.5): Ray Lewis returns, which means tough time for the Charger offense and possible overtime for San Diego area police. Ravens 26, Chargers 19.
Pittsburgh (+3) at SAN FRANCISCO (39): Depends on two factors -- Big Ben's ankle and whether the 49ers bother to show up this week after last Sunday's debacle. We're betting yes. 49ers 17, Steelers 16.

Lock of the Week: Detroit
Trifecta: Detroit, Baltimore, Seattle

posted by wfrazerjr at 11:49 AM on December 18, 2011

New England (-7.5) at DENVER (47): The QB who talks about Jesus vs. the actual Football Jesus. Patriots 26, Broncos 20.

They're getting the cart for Andre Carter, so I don't think so. Dammit.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 04:59 PM on December 18, 2011

I love being wrong.

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Yeah, halfway through the second quarter it looked like it was going to be all Denver. Things changed really quickly, and then it became a mere formality.

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