November 17, 2011

Woods, Stricker Destroyed in Presidents Cup: Facing Adam Scott and K.J. Choi, Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker didn't make a birdie, didn't win a hole and were done after 12 holes -- matching the record for the biggest loss in Presidents Cup history. Woods shook hands with jilted caddie Steve Williams -- now serving as Scott's bagman -- at the first tee and was gracious in his comments: "I know he probably looks at it differently than I do, but, hey, life goes forward. I'm very happy with what we did in our career together."

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Hard to read too much into a dog licence dished out in foursomes. It's a funny game where momentum is everything, so if you get down early, it's almost impossible to get it back. You can go several holes without putting a foot wrong and still find yourself 2 or 3 down because your partner's not firing. Or you can go several holes without hitting a decent shot and find yourself level or up because your partner's on fire. Somehow, when the score of the game doesn't reflect how you're playing, you can start getting a bit disenchanted with it all and slide to a heavy defeat.

Disappointed Williams didn't have a quote for us afterwards.

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No animosity whatsoever.

A friendly handshake.

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In fairness, that's what my face would look like shaking my own mother's hand if she'd just been caddying for someone who beat me 7&6.

But yes, a picture worth a thousand words if ever there was one.

posted by JJ at 08:22 AM on November 18

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