October 11, 2011

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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From Football Outsiders' "Quick Reads" today :

"When we invent BVOA (Blocking-adjusted Value Over Average), Jay Cutler will be its patron saint. It was remarkable watching him survive on Monday night, let alone thrive, evading one Lions lineman after another and picking up first downs. Cutler was like the hero in a zombie movie, fighting valiantly and alone against wave after wave of relentless attackers, until finally he was overwhelmed and Ndamukong Suh ate his brain, which drew the requisite 15-yard penalty."

posted by Mr Bismarck at 12:25 PM on October 11, 2011

He might help himself by actually throwing the ball quickly. Though I must admit he impressed in the 2nd quarter.

posted by yerfatma at 12:40 PM on October 11, 2011

That was the best I have seen him play in a long, long time. They were mauling him last night. It didn't seem like the defensive line was being blocked at all. His receivers were dropping balls. Under the circumstances, he was impressive. Actually, I'm impressed that he made it off the field without a stretcher.

posted by bperk at 01:07 PM on October 11, 2011

Half-heartedly, I suggested to my friend that Peyton Manning should get some votes as MVP this year.
It's like a clinical study in replacement value.

posted by grum@work at 02:20 PM on October 11, 2011

We have officially entered Tebow Time.

Brady Quinn went from #2 Quarterback to #2 Quarterback. He must be confused.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 02:41 PM on October 11, 2011

I'm officially ready for Tebow Time. I just came around this week while watching Orton in that first half. It was time. I think Orton's fine if he has time in the pocket but if he has to move at all he's going to make a bad decision and do it while looking terribly unathletic. We've seen enough out of this year's version of the Broncos to know that they're not going anywhere so why not give Tebow Nation what they want and see if he's better in-game than he is in-practice.

posted by tron7 at 03:50 PM on October 11, 2011

Brady Quinn went from #2 Quarterback to #2 Quarterback. He must be confused.

I think he'll be fine.

posted by Bonkers at 04:47 PM on October 11, 2011

Paulo di Canio accidentally runs half-marathon (though subsequently says he did it on purpose.)

posted by etagloh at 05:16 PM on October 11, 2011

The good news is that, under ESPN's fancy new TQBR stat they cooked up because QB Rating was clearly nonsensical, Tebow is better than Aaron Rodgers.

I expect, off of two weeks of warm up against one of the worst-performing defences in the league who have practically no film of him, he'll have a good game in Miami too and that'll be all we hear about that week.

Then the following week he gets to see Ndamukong Suh.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 08:21 PM on October 11, 2011

@grum - hah! i made the same comment to a friend of mine - proof in the negation, as it were

posted by kokaku at 11:28 AM on October 12, 2011

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