July 20, 2011

Ex-NFL players file suit against league for allegedly hiding effects of concussions: Seventy-five players have filed suit against the NFL, saying the league hid its knowledge of the damage of concussions and repetitive hits to the head. The group reportedly includes former Pro Bowlers Rodney Hampton of the New York Giants and Mark Duper of the Miami Dolphins, along with former Super Bowl MVP Ottis Anderson.

posted by wfrazerjr to football at 10:40 PM - 2 comments

The question that arises every time concussions and the NFL are discussed - is it possible to play football without creating the high risk of them? Will football disappear or diminish as parents decide not to let their children play when there are sporting alternatives that aren't as dangerous?

posted by kokaku at 09:16 AM on July 21, 2011

Its frequently mentioned that rugby, among other sports, doesn't use the kind of padding employed in Football. Is there evidence that their players don't suffer the same sorts of long term head injuries?

I mean, if there's some evidence that no padding/no helmets actually leads to a safer environment, I would be cautiously in favor of doing away with helmets and padding.

"Cautiously" because, despite evidence, years of conditioning having, perhaps erroneously, led me to believe that padding actually made things safer.

posted by Joey Michaels at 08:28 PM on July 21, 2011

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