May 07, 2011

Memphis come back from 16 down, win in OT: Zach Randolph's 21pt/21reb performance has the upstart Grizz up 2-1 over the Thunder.

posted by dfleming to basketball at 08:55 PM - 3 comments

Inching ever so close to the TV-ratings-bonanza of a Memphis/Atlanta NBA finals!

posted by grum@work at 12:15 AM on May 08, 2011

This is clearly insane. What the fuck happened to Zach Randolph? He's been the best player in the playoffs. Zach Randolph. Say it out loud.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 12:25 AM on May 08, 2011

Mr. Dolan should be muttering Zach Randolph under his breath right about now although I am a big believer that sooner or later the crazy always comes out. It is a matter of time before Z-bo resorts back to being an off court problem with on court unused talent. Although Kevin Durant thinks he is the best.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 02:42 AM on May 08, 2011

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