March 29, 2011

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An interesting milestone could be reached at some point in Washington's baseball season. The moment Matt Stairs participates in a regular season game, he'll become the first player to play for 13 different cities in the major leagues.

In terms of franchises, he'll remained tied with Mike Morgan with 12 (since the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals).

Even more impressive about Stairs is that his professional league time includes a partial season in the Japanese league, and that he's never "returned" to a city after leaving them.

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He's also only ever earned $18 Million in his 17 year major-league career, which is kinda sad considering his career output vs. the combined output of Carlos Silva/Oliver Perez in 2011 is going to cost $24 Million.

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He shouldn't ask Dez Bryant for a loan.

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Ron Karkovice doesn't have much to say.

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Random thoughts.

1) Dez Bryant is a fool. And, if what yerfatma's link states is true, how is that not a major NCAA violation? When Deon Sanders distances himself from a guy, you know there is more to the story.

2) Kark is a man of few words. Loved that interview. I don't remember who it was, but I once heard some celebrity say that anytime a reporter asks a question that can be answered with one word, that he felt obligated to do so.

"do you have any Fisk stories?" no

"Favorite road city" Cal (pure genius in that he not only didn't name a city, he didn't use a full word)

3) The Bonds trial has been interesting. (I know everyone's sick of it, and that nothing really new has been discussed) I'd hate to have to sit there and listen to lawyers discuss my testicles shrinking and whether or not I had back acne.

posted by dviking at 04:25 PM on March 29, 2011

Snippets from the Bonds trial:

Defense attorney (Arguedas): Once you said they (his testicles) shrunk to half the size. That's what you said to the grand jury. Was that true?

Prosecution witness (Bell): No.


Arguedas is showing Bell a conflict in two versions of a diary Bell kept, one of which was later used to prepare for a book. In one version, Bell wrote that Bonds shaved his hair and chest because of younger players coming into the league and he "felt old," in the other, Arguedas read a passage that attributed the shaving to steroids, because steroids had made his (hair) start coming out fast."

So one of the government's prime witnesses (his mistress, Kimberly Bell, who claims to have intimate knowledge about Bonds knowingly taking steroids) has admitted during the trial to having lied to the same grand jury that Bonds is being prosecuted for perjuring himself.

As well, this same witness was telling herself two different stories about Bonds, but only using the "steroid one".

This is money well spent by the government...

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Nearly a year late, but what the hey.

/Must go down and sit with the Germans at breakfast this morning.

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