March 26, 2011

Meet Baseball's Human Garbage Can: Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas has become a legend in the Majors for being willing to eat anything for money, reports the Wall Street Journal. "He has snorted wasabi and eaten horseradish by the bowlful. He has devoured a dozen donuts and guzzled 13 bottles of water. And this is the PG-rated version. 'Tooz will eat anything except poop, urine and vomit,' Diamondbacks reliever Sam Demel said. 'No, wait -- I'm sorry. He will eat vomit.'"

posted by rcade to baseball at 03:42 PM - 3 comments

"He's a nice laid back guy, always very cordial and pleasant. You never have to worry about what's eating him."

posted by apoch at 03:09 PM on March 26, 2011

Anything except poop, urine or vomit?

I had bags of bile last year hanging out of me when in hospital. Drink up Jeff!

posted by Drood at 03:28 PM on March 26, 2011

Some things are better left unsaid. They exist; we know they exist; but perhaps 'tis best that they lie dormant in the recesses of our minds.

Kinda like my NCAA bracket.

posted by outonleave at 07:09 PM on March 26, 2011

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