February 16, 2011

Bob Arum: Only Whites Like MMA: Although boxing promoter Bob Arum credits mixed martial arts with a "marvelous job of marketing," he said the rival sport doesn't have broad appeal. "It's white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic," he said. "The Hispanics don't care anything for it. Most African-Americans don't watch it. ... So the future success of UFC is limited. ... The only demographic that boxing has lost is the white, young males, period."

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Gee it kind of funny because in a much earlier post regarding MMA I suggested there was a huge racial aspect of the success of the sport. I took some crap for that but I still stand by what I said. The most prized demographic in advertising is the young white male with respect to the money they have available to spend. They are the ones who have lost interest in boxing and of course why not, they identify much more with the fighters in MMA.

It is not because they do not want to see black and latino fighters of which there are plenty in MMA, but because for a long time boxing has almost been totally void of white american fighters. It only natural they have become less able to identify with boxing anymore.

I disagree with Arum assessment that MMA has not been able to expand more with other ethnic groups. For the same reasons the more hispanic and black fighters that have success in the sport them more those demographics will grow.

For Arum to state only whites are into MMA is a slap in the face to heavy champ Cain Velasquez or all those Brazilians who are huge in the sport.

posted by Atheist at 02:06 PM on February 16

The only demographic that boxing has lost is the white, young males, period.

'Cause they don't like no sissy sports.

posted by graymatters at 02:07 PM on February 16

"It's white males".

I'll be sure to tell my friends Brittany, Teri and the many other WOMEN I know who love MMA. I literally can count the men I know who follow it on my thumbs. I need both hands to count the women.

posted by Drood at 12:40 AM on February 17

The last big MMA fights that were on Pay-Per-View a month, or so ago, I happened to catch at the local sports bar. All of the tables near us were filled with Hispanic men. My office coordinator is crazy about MMA, she's Hispanic. In fact, doing a quick poll of people I know that are into MMA, white males account for less than a third. I think this is a case of promoter trying to make his dying sport look healthier (from a business standpoint) than it is.

posted by dviking at 01:48 AM on February 17

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