February 02, 2011

NBA to allow skin-tight uniforms for All-Star game: The jerseys that NBA players wear every night are pretty tame by the standards of contemporary uniforms. They're fairly loose, feature few colors like teal or the neon yellow adored by the University of Oregon, and generally are engineered to appeal to as many fans as possible.

posted by BornIcon to basketball at 02:54 PM - 7 comments

eh! I don't want to say who cares, but I'd prefer not to see some of these guys in skin tights. I'd like to see the neon green tho. That'd be pretty cool.

posted by scuubie at 08:10 PM on February 02, 2011

I dunno, scuubie. I'm straight, and Dwight Howard doesn't look to shabby with his skin-tight shirt he wears anyways. Looks even more like a beast.

posted by jmd82 at 10:30 PM on February 02, 2011

My reaction was that there are some guys that I'm glad are out of the league at this point.

Joe Kleine


Darryl Dawkins

Bryant Reeves (he might be the ichiban)

posted by beaverboard at 11:37 PM on February 02, 2011

Ah, but there are still some in that would look just delightful in the skinnies. I'm looking at you, Brian Scalabrine.

posted by boredom_08 at 12:46 AM on February 03, 2011

They need to do something. Who wants to waste money on the current NBA jerseys? Yawn.

posted by bperk at 08:03 AM on February 03, 2011

Somebody make a joke about the WNBA so I don't have to, please.

posted by Uncle Toby at 05:31 PM on February 03, 2011

the Silver Stars would have to be strategically placed.

posted by mayerkyl at 01:37 PM on February 04, 2011

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