January 27, 2011

The N.F.L. and the concussion crisis: "In the past, it was a style of ball that was three yards and a cloud of dust, so you didn't see too many of these big hits, because there wasn't so much space between players," Steelers All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu said. "I mean, with the passing game now, you get four-wide-receiver sets, sometimes five-wide-receiver sets. You get guys coming across the middle, you get zone coverages. You know, there's more space between these big hits, so there's more opportunity for these big hits."

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There was a scary hit during the Packers/Bears game on Sunday. Helmet to helmet and the commentators said it's amazing he got up.

I wondered for the rest of the game if he was really okay.

Given I'm a pro-wrestling fan and saw what those sort of injuries did to Benoit, it scares me whenever I see stuff like that now.

Hell, I myself have had 3 concussions, 2 serious, over the years, and I'm worried what damage it may have done! And I wasn't getting nailed in the head again before I was fully healed.

posted by Drood at 02:47 AM on January 28, 2011

I found This related story from Esquire on Football Outsiders late last night. And I have to say the more I learn about the physical toll football extracts on those who play it, the harder I find it to watch and enjoy.

posted by oxocerite at 10:38 AM on January 28, 2011

In addition to the open-field hits, I think the general increase in player size also has something to do with it.

posted by LionIndex at 05:23 PM on January 28, 2011

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