January 27, 2011

Letters Reveal J.D. Salinger Had Henmania: The reclusive author J.D. Salinger, who died in January 2010 at age 91, was a fan of British tennis player Tim Henman, private letters sent to a friend reveal. "Salinger remarked that he liked the look of Henman's parents, who were appearing on TV a lot at the time, mentioning that they didn't look like your average pushy sports stars' parents," said Professor Chris Bigsby of University of East Anglia, which received the letters and is prohibited from quoting them directly by Salinger's estate. In one letter Salinger hoped that when Henman played Germans at Wimbledon he "knocked 'em all down," according to BBC Sport.

posted by rcade to tennis at 02:14 PM - 2 comments

Like J.D. Salinger, I hear Henman likes liver, too.

posted by Shotput at 04:19 PM on January 27, 2011

That's hilarious. (Henman's parents look like extras from a 1950s British film -- as did Salinger in later life, as the photo in the link shows.)

posted by etagloh at 05:10 PM on January 27, 2011

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